Friday, August 15, 2008

hack: Make eBay application international

After finding out that there are no international versions for the native iPhone eBay application (I use, I decided to make a move.. And after a few hours - success..

This should work with any of the available eBay sites:

Install the eBay application (you should be in US region in iTunes).

Go to the applications folder (invoking cd `find ~mobile -type d -name ""` should send you there.

Convert the applications preferences to xml1 format - run plutil -cxml1 appdefaults.plist. The file now can be edited.

Open the file with your favorite editor. Find the SiteId block and change it from 0 to 3. Add siteid=3 after the ShoppingAPI URL. The URL should read

Start the application and you should be using the version now!

If you want to use different version of eBay - try those numbers instead of "3":

US (0)
United States
CA (2)
UK (3)
United Kingdom
AU (15)
AT (16)
BEFR (23)
Belgium (French)
FR (71)
DE (77)
Motors (100)
US eBay Motors
IT (101)
BENL (123)
Belgium (Dutch)
NL (146)
ES (186)
CH (193)
HK (201)
Hong Kong
IN (203)
IE (205)
MY (207)
CAFR (210)
Canada (French)
PH (211)
PL (212)
SG (216)

Any feedback is welcome!

UPDATE 19.08.08: Important - read this article!

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