Friday, August 15, 2008

BG Keyboard 0.3 - The "unhappy" release

The 0.3 "Unhappy release" is tested against 2.0.1 and works fine. It's 'Unhappy', because every feature I had planned was unable to enter because of various reasons, mainly not enough time. Installation instructions can be found at the Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard site.

I have wasted few days in reversing the dictionaries (I'll post later) and was able to find the basic structure of the .dat file (from position 0x80), except the header (0x00 - 0x1b). The index file is still untouched. I have used some knowledge from iPhone-Shop project and as soon as I make some progress, I'll publish my work at my iPhone-Patch project page.

I have reversed several binaries, looking for some interesting stuff, without any major success. Now I'm planning to reverse eBay application to make it work with the UK version of the site (and I have some success).

That's all for me now..


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