Tuesday, August 19, 2008

eBay hack maybe have some flaws; Application on the way..

The eBay international hack I posted earlier seems to make the application unable to start after reboot or sync. I'm not sure, I did not receive any feedback at all.

This happened to me twice, and I think it's because of the checksum verification. Once the application is in "Unable to start" state I was unable to make it work without uninstall and install. If this happens to you - just reinstall the eBay application and follow the steps described here.

Currently I'm working on a small patcher application, that will be able to switch between different eBay site versions, in the next few days it will be available on my repository. More instructions how to add it are available on the iPhone-Patch project on Google Code.


Anonymous said...

So it´s time for a comment! First of all: Thanks for your work including the patch in Cydia... (which does not help me, because I want the GERMAN ebay site...)

In fact after I changed to the German Ebay Site the program was unable to start, as you said on 19th. What I did not really understand: Do you already have a solution for this? You linked to the original thread, which means, that I reproduce the error after reinstall by repeating the steps...

Can you tell a way to switch to German ebay site?


Anonymous said...

Oops, now I made it! I finally understood by reading the install message of the patcher in Cydia!

Thx again!