Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Serbian Cyrillic Keyboard for iPhone FW 2.0

Thanks to Toma Tasovac (ttasovac at transpoetika dot org) I have released a Serbian Cyrillic Keyboard for iPhone FW 2.0. Actualy he did the hard part - providing the correct layout and editing the artwork; I did only binary patching, signing and packaging. I'm using the same method I have used in the Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard.

Feedback and bug reports are welcome at the iPhone-Patch issue tracker.

Please note that this keyboard is NOT compatible with the recently released firmware 2.1, I'll address this issue in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Hello Avatar,
Thanks for this great fix.
I am russian and I use phonetic pretty much all the time even on PC. On old version I was able to modify layout manually myself, but on 2.0 I had no clue how to make it work.

Is there a way you can modify the layout for me so I can get the letter "э" that is missing from Bulgarian layout. Or maybe you can show me how I can do it from the current layout myself.

I actually had no idea that letter is dropped from your Cyrillic alphabet.

I appreciate it,


Avatar said...

Hi Russell,
I was planning to add it as an 'alternate' to "e" (when holded), but this feature didn't work. I'll try with the 2.1 version, once it's done.

Anonymous said...

Hello Avatar
i wont to change the keyboard characters when typing to my language ,i know that uikit binary file is control this,
but idon't know how to find/map the characters and edit it ,
and what tool do i need to use?

Anonymous said...

hey guy's
you can use iphoneshop
to extract the keyboard png image from the artwork file's
for the keyboard layout modifiction.

my name is dan
and i'm the one that asked about
uikit characters maping

Anonymous said...

Hello there Avatar!

Any progress with Serbian Cyrillic for iPhone OS3?

Anonymous said...

We want Serbian cyrillic for fw 3.0... Please!:(

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